Окрыта вакансия в Мировом банке

Одна из участниц прошлого проекта (Даша Винникова) прислала на почту информацию о открытой вакансии.

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зы: конечный срок подачи резюме — пятница 5 февраля.

The World Bank Ukraine Country Office is seeking
A Communications Associate (Media Relations)

Objective of the position: to proactively participate in the design and implementation of effective communications and outreach strategies from the particular angle of media relations in order to raise awareness and understanding about, and improve the image of, the World Bank and increase the development effectiveness of its activities.
The successful candidate is expected to be responsible for managing media relations to support the World Bank program in Ukraine as specified in the communications strategy. He/she will serve as a first point of contact for all media inquiries about World Bank activities in the country, proactively identify media opportunities to place key Bank messages, provide input into the communications strategy of the World Bank in Ukraine as well as sector specific communications plans from the particular angle of public opinion and the role of media. A Communications Associate shall conduct regular media reviews and analyzes current events, news and public opinion related to the Bank and its work, to help assess their potential impact on the Bank and determine appropriate responses as needed.
For more detailed job description look at: www.worldbank.org.ua
Recruitment into this position is open to: individuals with a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in the professional discipline with a minimum of two years of relevant experience with demonstrated excellent verbal and written communication skills, strong presentation skills, spoken and written fluency in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

The closing date for the receipt of applications is Friday, February 05, 2010
Applications (most recent CV and cover letter) in English should be sent to e-mail address: nohorodnik@worldbank.org or faxed to (044) 490-66-70 or delivered to reception desk at 1, Dniprovskiy Uzviz, 2nd floor, att. Natalia Ohorodnik. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


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